Disclosure Page

I am offering the following disclosure page to comply with the FTC’s guidelines, as well as to give full transparency to you. I enjoy making a living and I enjoy earning extra money where I can.

You should assume:

  • I earn money on all posts and pages on this site. If I’m not earning money on a page or post, I am working acquiring sponsorship to close that gap.
  • All of the links I share are paid links. There may be links which are not paid links, but if I love something enough to share it with you, I will most definitely be searching for a way to earn some type of payment for all the referral business I am sending to companies. There’s so such thing as a free lunch on this site (unless, of course, it’s a giveaway…and maybe not even then, lol!).
  • I write about products that I receive for free. If I purchased a product that I’m sharing with you, it’s probably because I was new to blogging and didn’t know how to get free products, yet.
  • Anything you send me can be used in any way I choose. Although, I will never sell your personal information to a third-party, I may choose to use the content you send me as quotes and/or include photos, videos, and any other digital content you send me via email or my contact forms in future blog posts. If I use your content, I will always credit you as the source.
  • I am paid for all posts to social media, including, but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Periscope, etc. If I am not receiving payment for my social media posts, I’m more than likely looking to find someone to sponsor my selfies, as you read this.

Just because I share paid posts and links with you does not mean I am in any way influenced by the company who is paying me. I only share things I love and would buy myself. If I receive something for free or am paid to post a sponsored post and I do not absolutely love the product, I will either disclose that in the post or choose not to write about the product or service. I believe in honesty, so if I think that you may like something I don’t love, I’ll simply share what I don’t like about the product or service and why.

Hopefully, I’ve been ultra clear with my disclosure and there are no questions about any products and services that appear on my site. If not, feel free to contact me via email (please refer to bullet point #4) with any questions, comments, or concerns.