About Me

SoVeryShay AboutMe PhotoMy name is Shayla and I’m a 29 year old marketing product owner by day and social media enthusiast & part-time blogger by night . Though my day job is interesting and full of exciting changes, I’m ultimately inspired by the amount of information that has been made available and curated through all the various forms of social media.

My nights and weekends are spent exploring new ideas and finding creative ways to solve everyday problems. After discovering so many solutions via Pinterest, I decided I wanted to join in the fun and start a blog of my own to share all the crazy ideas floating around in my head.

I don’t like to limit myself and tend to dabble in a little of everything and you’ll find my blog reflects my butterfly-type personality. I enjoy writing about DIY, health & nutrition, fitness, home management, time management, entrepreneurship, and more. I am most definitely an information absorbing fanatic and I want to use that to help save you time for the more fun things in life.

I hope you enjoy and find my blog posts informative, useful, and amusing. Be sure to sign up for my email list to get notifications whenever I post something new!